Saturday :: Feb 5, 2005

Update on the Rush Limbaugh Case

by paradox

15 months ago Rush Limbaugh was busted for buying huge amounts of drugs he did not have a prescription for from his maid and doctor shopping to get more drugs. Prosecutors obtained warrants to seize his medical records, so Rush’s lawyer got the criminal investigation put on hold while filing a case that prosecutors caused Rush harm by invading his privacy in getting all of his medical records.

That’s right—Rush Limbaugh, the great rights activist. The ACLU was disappointed when Rush lost the first round 2-1. The Florida Supreme Court is currently accepting filings to consider the case. No word yet if they’ll even take it; if they don’t Rush will finally be criminally prosecuted, approximately 17 months after his lawyer hurriedly got him in rehab. If they do accept the case and Rush wins he’ll walk.

Purely from a layman’s perspective, I don’t see where Rush’s defense has a chance. The prosecutors got a warrant from a judge, which negates rights all the time. The law he’s going to be prosecuted for was specifically written about behavior with doctors, so it seems perfectly valid to negate his medical rights and seize the records. Lawyers are whining they shouldn’t have got to see all of Rush’s records.

From a fighting liberal’s perspective I’m really pissed off it’s taken so long to see this son of a bitch shackled, de-loused and off the air behind iron bars. I still think chances are good it will happen.

From a confused, working stiff semi-weary American suburban family man view I’m utterly incredulous Rush is still there at all. He’s an addict, for Christ’s sake, he knows he could jail for a long time, the hypocrisy and embarrassment must be acute (or should be, anyway), but yet there he still is, day after day. Rush lost most of his hearing and it didn’t stop him either.

All I can do is wait, surely the worst answer I’ve ever heard in this life. It’s absolutely vital to the American liberal cause that this monster get taken off the air—the damage he has done is incredibly vast. I’ve never listened to him, not once, but Atrios was right when he said the Republicans would not be anywhere close to where they are today had it not been for Rush.

It’s also a testament to how totally captured the US media culture has become to Republican interests. The media rarely mentions the case and it’s considered perfectly fine for the incredible hypocrisy and illness to stay on the air every day. His listeners don’t even seem to care they’re talking with a total crook. If you’re Republican anything goes, the rules just don’t apply, it’s all good, felon.

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