Tuesday :: Feb 8, 2005

“House of Saud” Good Television Tonight

by paradox

The pernicious, insidious power of television has crept back into my daily existence with the History, Food and Discovery channels, yes, but even when I only watched Jim Lehrer (plus the Oakland A’s & Raiders, with the sound always off) exclusively for ten years I always watched Nova and Frontline when I could.

There’s some excellent journalism and history to learn from watching those two programs, and they have earned real respect over the years. Tonight’s Frontline is 120 minutes for "House of Saud," an examination of the Saudi clan we foolishly allow to have so much power over us. I’ll be watching; y’all can find the time for your area here if you’re interested.

One of my favorite loyal readers insists that I enjoy my television. I do, but I will be forever wary if that incredibly powerful box every time I approach it. I’m positive television “journalism” has done an enormous amount of damage to the country, and every time I do watch and ferociously fight back at the rank commercialism I get bummed at what television could have been. I have no idea what that should be, really, but surely mis-informing and manipulating citizens continually can’t be it.

Update 0900 pst: Wojo provides an excellent broadband link to the show.


Also, something fundamental is going to shift in the universe today, so keep a sharp eye out. Muckdog has an insightful, informative, hopeful first comment.

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