Tuesday :: Feb 8, 2005

Newest White House Whore - Lazy Assed Joe Klein

by Steve

It’s sad to see that Joe Klein (now of Time) has become a whore for the GOP. His latest piece blasts Democrats for voicing their displeasure during Bush’s SOTU, without remembering that the GOP did the same thing numerous times while Clinton was president.

Furthermore, Klein thinks that Bush’s privatization scheme is "conservative" and that it isn’t true that Bush’s plan would reduce Social Security benefits by 40%. Obviously Joe doesn’t read the CBO, Paul Krugman, or the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities at all. He also thinks it is wrong not to be a little cynical about the everyday Iraqi woman who Bush had as a prop in his SOTU as someone who was glad we "liberated" her country, without Klein doing some fact checking to find out she is the interim Iraqi government’s ambassador to Egypt and not exactly a woman off the street.

Finally Klein thinks the Democrats should come on over and meet Bush half way on privatization, when 1) Bush can’t even sell his own party on it; 2) Bush can’t even demonstrate how it would deal with the solvency problem; 3) Bush can’t come clean on how much it will add in new debt; and 4) Klein himself is too lazy to find out there are alternatives that are much less disruptive and more solvent than what Bush has proposed. And of course Klein writes about Bush as if he has a track record of working well with Democrats who have reached out to him.

Klein has turned into another lazy assed whore for the White House who can't even get up off his ass to do basic research before he writes one of these wet kisses for Bush. Use Google next time Joe. By the way, where in the hell are the fact checkers at Time magazine?

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