Saturday :: Feb 12, 2005

Howard Dean, Winner!

by Duckman GR

Well, it's official, Howard Dean is the man. Watched his speech, liked it, oh, and a big FU to the gop. Here's my summary of the speech. These are not direct quotes, and I've added a little interpretation, but this is what he says. Here's the text of his speech, and let me add here, that while some have criticized T Mac, I never had big issues with his Chairmanship, recognizing what his role was at the time, and noting he does leave the Party in good fiscal shape and better organized. You need only look to Iraq to see the effects of unorganization, so I thank Terry for his work as well. Now, on to Howard.

I'm not the Chair, you are said Chairman Dean.

The Young are looking for a party that Speaks to them, Veterans are looking for a party that Honors them, Seniors are looking for a party that Respects them. But...

The gop won Congress because We forgot where our strength comes from. They spent 40 years in the Wilderness, We can't afford 40 years. And our way back is not from the Consultants down, but from the Grassroots up.

We can't afford the gop's fiscal recklessness and enron style accounting. bush's $2,500,000,000,000 budget clearly demonstrates one thing, WE CAN'T TRUST THEM WITH OUR MONEY! The gop budget is just a dishonest scheme to heap debt on our children.

Chairman Governor Doctor Dean reminded us that it was the Democrats that pushed for Homeland Security and Airline Safety and Intelligence Reform and Securing Nuclear (that's Nook lee er) Materials, and whatever twisted and perverted version we got came from goppers brought by the Democrats kicking and screaming to the table.

Therefore, WE will say what our agenda is, not the, let me paraphrase here, fucking gop.

But it won't work if people don't see how it all connects to them. So We need to go door to door and talk to people and make that connection, we need to work at the grassroots and netroots and local levels and start making that connection.

The Chair said that the path to power is to trust other people to hold it. When you empower people at the local level, ytou get trust for that trust. The gop can never, clearly, do that. We are the party of people, We are the party of trust and personal responsibility, We are the party that starts progress, not stops it.

Yes, Howard expects a lot from us. He expects us

to take this country back for the people who built it.

Now, what are you doing here? Get to work, dammit, and kick some gopper ass!

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