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The Coming Days Of Rage

by pessimist

As a rich kid who was born on third and thinks he's hit a triple (thank you, Jim Hightower!), King George Warmonger never had to scratch out a living. Even during his 'wildcatter' days, he never really had to depend upon the fruits of his own labors to make a go of life - Poppy'$ Pal$ (Salem bin Laden, for example) saw to that! But for every service performed, there is a repayment expected.

Poppy'$ Pal$ have never been comfortable with the New Deal, having been used to distributing the face cards from the bottom of the pile to themselves and their friends. Thus, it goes against their grain to see someone who works for a living making a salary that exceeds that necessary to sustain life. They feel that in order to earn more than mere sustenance requires total devotion to the job in terms of time and energy. Assuming that such a worker were to do so, there wouldn't be much time or energy left over to enjoy the income such workahaulism produces. In the end, the worker gets to choose between near-poverty and no life away from work.

But that matters not to the Topper$ who make up Poppy'$ Pal$. They insist that it be their way or no way, and in a sense, they just might be about to get both options:

India set to emerge as a major outsourcing hub

After courting success with information technology, India is poised to become a key outsourcing hub for global aerospace firms as it has cheap and skilled engineers on offer, top officials say. "India's aerospace industry is at the take-off stage," Edward Gordon, manager of offset programs of Northrop Grumman, a US-based defense firm with operations in 25 nations, told AFP on Sunday.

And thus, another category of high-paying employment feels the nation at the behest of the Topper$

Gordon said the combination of information technology and aerospace gave India the edge and some of the companies with whom he was holding talks for partnerships were 'hidden treasures'. "Indian aerospace firms are internationally competitive and customer-oriented. They have that can-do attitude. Cost-effectiveness for us is not the lowest price but the best value. There are areas of mutual interest and opportunities to be explored," he said.

More than 1,400 companies have set up base in the southern city of Bangalore, India's technology capital, and international software companies are using India as a base for their outsourcing operations.

"In the aerospace industry more and more software is increasingly being used. In India you can get both aerospace engineers and the IT guys and there is cost advantage. India is set to become a major player," Vincent Gorry, senior national executive of enginemaker Snecma, a French firm, told AFP.

Michel Dechelotte, chief executive officer of PowerJet SA, a joint aircraft manufacturing firm promoted by Scnema and Russia's NPO Saturn, said India had all the ingredients to make it a successful aerospace hub.

"I think low cost and you have it. I talk of good organisations and not much bureaucratic interference and you almost have that. Then you have technology and software. That is almost everything aerospace needs," he told AFP.

Almost everything 'aerospace' needs? We beg to differ! The correct statement would read 'Almost everything aerospace investors need'. Low wages from a quality work force, and no loyalty to the nation that made them rich in the first place. It's enough to make one insist that what remains of our government - once we regain control of it, that is - revoke the citizenship of any corporate executive who acts against the economic interests of this nation. Causing highly-skilled technical workers to learn how long a hamburger must cook before being served is no way for the nation to return to true prosperity!

But economic health isn't the only casualty of such outsourcing and offshoring policies. What of the social fabric of this nation when something like this rears its ugly head?

Neo-Nazis Aim to Upgrade PR

White supremacist groups around the country are moving aggressively to recruit new members by promoting their violent, racist ideologies on billboards, in radio commercials and in leaflets tossed on suburban driveways.

The National Alliance, which calls for ridding the land of minorities, has led the drive to raise the profile of white supremacists.

The local chapter spent $1,500 on MetroLink ads here in St. Louis last month, plastering nearly every commuter train car in the city with a blue-and-white placard declaring "The Future belongs to us!" and listing the group's website and phone number. The same chapter bought airtime on local talk radio last fall, urging whites to unite and fight for the survival of "white America."

Watchdog groups fear increased violence from these organizations as they grow. Civil rights monitors consider the National Alliance one of the most virulent neo-Nazi organizations in the country. It was founded in the 1970s by the late William Pierce, who called for herding Jews and "race mixers" into cattle cars and abandoning them in old coal mines.

Although the group's website says it "does not advocate any illegal activity," National Alliance members have been convicted of scattered acts of violence over the last two decades, including armed robberies, bombings and murders.

The FBI's senior counterterrorism expert told Congress in 2002 that the National Alliance represented a 'terrorist threat'. "They clearly have a track record of encouraging members to take their vision of race war to the streets," said Devin Burghart, who monitors hate groups for the Center for New Community in Chicago.

It's Only A North Aryan Song

Though the National Alliance has fewer than 700 members, it's one of the best-financed supremacist groups because it owns a music label, Resistance Records, which dominated the white-power music scene from the mid-'90s until recently.

And in a bold bid to recruit kids as young as 13 to the movement, the Panzerfaust record label last fall gave away thousands of CDs packed with hard-driving white-power music, distributing them in schools and malls in numerous states, including California. Sample lyrics: "Do you feel the pride as the skinheads march by? Do you see as I do that our enemies must die?"

The Panzerfaust company dissolved this month when one of the label's founders accused his business partner of being half-Mexican — an ethnic heritage considered treasonous in the white-power world.

Already, however, other groups have stepped up teen recruitment, selling swastika pendants online and promoting a "pro-white radio station" that streams supremacist ballads, heavy metal and rock songs online.

Bleaching The Grass Roots

Neo-Nazi organizations are not only putting up billboards, they're also instructing members to hide their tattoos and dress for rallies in conservative suits to avoid being dismissed as extremists. Thomas Robb, the national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, urges his members to serve on community boards and in political parties so they can push their white-power agenda from positions of social respect.

The National Alliance, meanwhile, is increasingly tailoring its leaflets to current events. Local members seize on any racial tensions in their community as an excuse to blanket the area with articles explaining the white-power worldview.

One of these 'racial tensions' that could well be exploited would be the loss of one's high-wage job with benefits to a nation these Nazi-wannabes would consider the home of an inferior race. It is a familiar situation in the South, where after the Civil War, former slaves expected to be considered equal to those whose fortunes vanished the day slavery was declared ended. The idea that former masters would have nothing, while their former property was viewed as gaining that which was lost, led to the formation of the Klan, the passage of Jim Crow laws, and other outrages.

It would be no different to people who can believe that they are superior based on the color of their skin if the benficiery of their loss was black, brown, yellow, or red. All they know is that 'they' took something valuable away that he'd 'rightfully deserved' and 'they' did not.

It wouldn't be much different for some of these soon-to-be-former aerospace workers, assuming that they have racist tendencies held in check by economic expediency.

[Before someone accuses me of calling all aerospace engineers racists, let's not go there. We all know that it can only take the actions of a few to taint the image of all in the minds of everyone else, especially if they are inclined to so believe in the first place. It works in all combinations with this story.]

Losing a high-wage job could be the trigger for someone with latent superiority beliefs to become much more open about them. Such a well-educated constituency could add a great deal of legitimacy to the mainstream image such a supremacy movement seeks.

Having an 'enemy of the people' is vital to the needs of a supremacy movement. For the Nazis it was the Jews. For the Communists it was the Capitalists. For the White Power advocates it's everyone who isn't WASP.

Especially if the job went that-a-way.

Add in religion, and aim the combination at politics, and it could get really ugly:

Rapture awaits in the Florida Panhandle

The religious scene in this Bible Belt terrain is upbeat, vigorous, prospering in numbers, properties, and outspoken leadership. There is an agenda both spiritual and political as well as the people and money to make it happen.

But, when you pay close attention to the message being driven home by every possible technical medium and skill, you meet some deeply disturbing, even frightening realities.

Let me illustrate by describing an all-day Saturday conference at one of the largest Protestant churches I have ever been in, The Village Baptist Church in Destin, Fla. The facilities there are gleaming, spacious, comfortable. The theme of the day was Left Behind: A Conference on Biblical Prophecy about End Times, and it featured three of the leading voices in the U.S religious right today: Tim LaHaye, Gary Frazier, and Ed Hindson. To sum up the essence of the three speaker's messages all that long Saturday, I have never heard so much venom and dangerous ignorance spouted before an utterly unquestioning, otherwise normal-looking crowd in my life.

We learned that the Rapture, which could happen any second now, but certainly within the next 40 years, will instantly sweep all the "saved" Americans (perhaps one-half the population) to heaven, leaving the United States as "a Third World country" with the European Union becoming the revived Roman Empire.

But these fantasies were harmless compared with the hatred against Islam that followed. Here are some direct quotes: "Islam is an intolerant religion — and it's clear whose side we should be on in the Middle East." Applause greeted these words: "Allah and Jehovah are not the same God ... Islam is a Satanic religion ...We will never be able to understand their (Muslim) mentality ... They're going to attack Israel for certain. ..."

Gary Frazier shouted at the top of his lungs: "Wake up! Wake up!" And roughly 800 heads nodded approval as he added that the left-wing, anti-Israel media — "for example, CNN" — will never tell the world the truth about Islam. According to these three and the millions of Americans they lead, Muslims intend ultimately "to impose their religion on us all." A terrible, final war in the region is inevitable.

Frazier, Hindson and LaHaye all teach at Rev. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. They have the ear of the President of the world's sole superpower. LaHaye was one of the leaders included in Time magazine's Jan.31 story on evangelicals most influential in the presidency of George W.Bush.

Indians and Muslims - foreigners. But one doesn't have to leave the shores of this continent to find a despised and artificially created enemy of the self-proclaimed opressed White man. Take this story from today's news:

Blacks decry Bush's deep cuts in health, education and housing 2/13

Black Democrats Tuesday assailed President George W. Bush’s proposed budget, calling the $2.57 trillion spending plan “disappointing” and saying drastic cuts in education, food programs and literacy initiatives will create serious hardships for blacks across the nation.

“On first review of President Bush's budget proposal, I find it extremely disappointing,” Rep. Mel Watt (D-NC), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said in a statement. “The proposed budget neglects suggestions offered by the Congressional Black Caucus for ending disparities that exist between African Americans and white Americans in every aspect of life.”

Watt added that, in the recent meeting the CBC had with Bush at the White House, the group asked the president to publicly address the racial disparities during his State of the Union Address and again in his proposed budget for fiscal year 2006.

“This budget appears to offer no real solutions for change and falls short of what the CBC hoped would be included in the document,” Watt said. “Members of the CBC are extremely disappointed with the President's budget proposal and will work with our colleagues on the Hill for a budget that reflects the values and concerns of all Americans: education, health care, economic opportunity, justice for all, retirement security and foreign policy."

Rep. John Conyers Jr., (D-MI) ranking member of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement: “The President has turned the American economy from bad to worse. After four years of offering tax cuts for his richest friends and turning our surplus into deficits, the President has continued his trend of slashing important government programs.”

Gerald Ford, a senior policy analyst for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, said in an interview Tuesday that the increase in the federal deficit was a direct result of Bush’s tax cuts for one percent of the nation’s wealthiest Americans and the limited amount of revenue flowing into government coffers.

What’s worse, Ford said, is that local and state governments, which are already cash-strapped, will have to bear the costs of social-service programs that may be scrapped under Bush’s proposal. He added that eliminating social service and housing benefits for so many low-income families in urban centers is troubling.
Said Ford: “You have to look at what this budget will mean for those people living in major metropolitan areas.”

King George Warmonger was recently given an opportunity to understand a little bit about this very situation:

Black Health Statistics Made Bush Groan

Voting rights and health disparities took center stage at a meeting between the Congressional Black Caucus and President George Bush at the White House Cabinet Room. Individual CBC members raised issues such as homeland security, education, employment and social security, but it was voting rights and health care concerns that drew the greatest reaction from the president.

According to AFRO sources, Bush seemed genuinely taken aback by data presented from the CBC Health Braintrust, chaired by Rep. Donna M. Christensen (D-VI), documenting the poor state of African Americans' health relative to their White counterparts. One congressman said President Bush "audibly groaned" as each statistic revealed the stark portrait of African American's health deficit.

Throughout the meeting, Bush did not say what he would do about the many issues raised; it was said that he only nodded and smile. At the meeting's conclusion, Bush said, "We should do this again."

In other words, "I liked hearing that my policies are having the intended effect!'

This isn't to say that King George is himself a racist, but his actions tell me that he is willing to take advantage of others' racism as an easy tool to use in the class war he's waging against the non-Topper$ of the world. That has been the key to his power - and that of the Republican party since 1968. It's an easy lever to use in a campaign of divide and conquer the less affluent for domination by the wealthy.

History tells those willing to listen that such a path leads only to disaster. Think about the French and Russian Revolutions. The rich got so greedy that the poor had absolutely nothing left to lose, rising up and taking power. But with no established mechanism for sharing power, the slightest unrest would topple those seeking to establish order, and in the resulting power vacuum bloody tyrants arose and wreaked widespread havoc and destruction. The societies that created the chaos disappeared into the annals of history, never to return.

Is this the fate you desire for your country?

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