Sunday :: Feb 13, 2005

Red State Reps and Senators Unhappy Over Bush Budget Cuts - Too Bad

by Steve

For those of you who think that Bush will eventually get his budget, I bring you the reason why his budget is DOA. As this piece in Monday’s Post points out, some of the loudest and most angry critics against Bush's budget cuts aren't the blue states and Democrats, but rather his red state supporters and GOP senators and representatives. Farmers and veterans groups, to name a few are angry and feel betrayed by the budget cuts that Bush has proposed.

This is delicious. Thinking back to the very lukewarm reception Kerry got when he spoke at the American Legion convention last September, I shed no tear at all for the veterans’ groups who complain now about Bush. For the veterans and farmers to castigate John Kerry for being a flip-flopper, to now complain about Bush sticking a knife in their backs when he no longer needs them, all I can say is "shut up suckers; you voted for him!"

What's the matter? Don't you like his moral values now?

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