Thursday :: Feb 17, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

The ChoicePoint story is one that should make Americans very worried. Since they are snail-mailing the letters to the 35,000 Californians that have been compromised, it will be another day or so for those unfortunates to find out they've had all their personal financial information stolen. But who knows when the other possibly 65,000 Americans are going to find out? It will probably be the hard way - when their credit cards are all charged to the max. It's outrageous that something like this could happen when folks have been warning about this problem:

Information brokers such as ChoicePoint have been criticized by consumer privacy advocates, who say the information is handled too cavalierly. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a public interest research center, only two weeks ago warned the Federal Trade Commission about what it called unjustified access to commercial databases. EPIC also questioned whether ChoicePoint's auditing procedures were adequate.

What would be poetic justice is for the politicians who have refused to address the privacy concerns about our information to find themselves on the nasty end of this particular stick. What do you bet we'd get some action then? And would it be too much to hope for that they got Tom DeLay?

Your turn.

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