Thursday :: Feb 17, 2005

A local perspective on the Gulag wal-mart

by Duckman GR

This is the world that wal-mart would have. A 7/11 world of consumer convenience, our every whim, and our whims will be cheap and made in some third world country by workers so brain damaged and starved of hope from the lack of food, preventive healthcare, clean drinking water that they can no longer dream of an entrepreneurial world, of self sufficiency, hell, of self respect, but must beg for sustenance and scraps of endless and repetitious and wholly unfulfilling labor, our every whim satisfied, if satisfaction can describe a cheap, fabricated, meaningless consumer trinket, a kewpie doll of a wind chime, a gaily colored throw rug, a saccharine book without sex drugs and rock and roll, yes, the wal-mart world is one to look forward too, right comrades?

Wal-mart, the gulag of the 21st Century.

I say this, but with the hope that maybe they will fail in big boxing our lives to nothingness, hope because maybe not evryone shares the wal-mart "visions"

In San Diego's East County, population of maybe 300,000 people, and an effing wal-mart a 5 minute drive east west north and south of here, there's 5 of 'em, but, apparently, not enough of 'em.

Peter Kanelos, representing Wal-Mart, said another store is needed because the other four Wal-Marts in East County are several miles away from Rancho San Diego.

Not that I buy this crap, but looking at this objectively, how many is too many? Wal-marts? One, of course.

The local window washing towel, (better than paper towels I hear) has this article on the first of many salvos in the war to dump yet another big steaming pil, er, wal-mart, on the sleepy denizens of duncan hunters balliwick.

A local planning group has rejected a proposal to build a Wal-Mart store at state Routes 54 and 94 in Rancho San Diego.

Planning group chairman Jack Phillips said a Wal-Mart will only add to the traffic congestion on the road. He said the area is overbuilt commercially and another building isn't needed when vacancies exist in shopping centers nearby.

"Why should we add more? It doesn't make any sense," Phillips said.

Why indeed.

Wal-Marts are located in El Cajon, [that's one] La Mesa, [there's two] Santee [ummmm, 3] and east of El Cajon off Interstate 8. [lessee, free..., FOUR] Wal-Mart also has a store at the College Grove shopping center, [oh, damn, that's a five spot] near the Lemon Grove city limit.

The 135,000-square-foot Wal-Mart in Rancho San Diego would not include a grocery store, Kanelos said. He said the store would create 350 [crappy low paying no benefit] jobs and generate about $500,000 in sales tax revenue each year.

Steve Laub, a planning consultant for Wal-Mart, said the road would be widened to six lanes [SIX FUCKING LANES in a fairly rural and off the beaten track area] and other traffic improvements would be made in the area.

"We certainly will not make traffic conditions any worse than they are," he said. "Hopefully, we will make it better." [Yeah, six lane freeways, to expeditiously speed us to our hallowed ground wal-marts]

We Americans drive hour commutes, but we can't drive the 5 miles to the soul swallowing store?

What are they trying to do, these insatiable followers of the shiny baubles, the golden fleece, the empty world of possession? Jeebus Cristo on a flaming pogo stick, the waltons are collectively about what, 500 years old? What are they goingto do with all this wealth? Sell more cheap crap? How many workers and laborers and craftsmen and designers and engineers and managers and manufacturers are these "people" going to corrupt before they catch on?

wal-mart can, and must, be beaten, beaten to a quivering pile of fertilizer. It is one of the underpinnings of the radical fascist right, a job denigrating, small business destroying, U.S. economy gutting cancer that pushes far too many into the lying rhetorical embrace of the gop. The true spirit of America, buried under the trappings of wealth and shallow substance, shouted down by breast beating and ignorance, fear and loathing, can be revived, but only by the sacrifice of a substantial entity, doesn't even need to be a virgin for the hungry fires of the volcano, just something. I vote for wal-mart.

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