Friday :: Feb 18, 2005

On Centrism

by dj moonbat

Josh Marshall has Yet Another Classification™ in his running commentary on the Social Security phase-out. With no indication of any sense of irony, J-Marsh tells us that some politicians--those who just "Want to Make a Deal"--should now, under his ever-so-dry taxonomy, be the "WMD" faction.

WMD? Cute.

I want to save social security, Josh, but godddammit: Why is it that the Party's "centrist" wing thinks that they get to determine the reasonable parameters of debate on every f**&ing issue? Why is it that they think Every Good Democrat™ must support absolute resistance to the Bush Social Security agenda, but they felt no shame whatsoever when they chided us "unserious" folk who said that unilateral war against Iraq was simply wrong (and others who thought they were wrongheaded)? Where do they get the stones for this kind of self-righteousness?

It's funny: A lot of folks make a lot of noise about how the Democrats need to be a "big tent" party. But they had a chance to speak up for those of us who said, every goddamned step of the way, that an imperialistic war in the Middle East was a horrible idea; instead our "centrists" derided us--we failed to understand the seriousness of the threat that Saddam posed, ya know. Things are just rockin' these days, as you doubtless know. So we won't be hearing much about how the serious center blew the call so horribly.

I'll tell you what, centrists: Show me that your ideas can win an election over the last, say, 6 years, and I'll start thinking that maybe you're right--the party's Left wing, and not its Center wing, is the one with the problem.

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