Saturday :: Feb 19, 2005

Today's Gannon/Guckert Update

by Steve

Those of you looking for your Jeff Gannon/J. D. Guckert update over the last 24 hours, here’s my attempt:

First, CBS News’ senior political editor Dotty Lynch actually penned a piece late yesterday that speculated a link between Gannon/Guckert and Karl Rove.

Second, RawStory and Editor and Publisher have stated that Gannon is taking credit for planting stories in the White House press pool, and for getting leaks from someone high up in the White House before stories actually break to the rest of the media.

Third, Gannon appeared on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show last night, attacked his critics, and didn’t come off too well. Cooper didn’t let Gannon off the hook, but didn’t hammer him on who gave him his pass and why he was getting his access.

Fourth, on the season opener of Bill Maher’s HBO show last night, both CBS News’ Lesley Stahl and Senator Joe Biden made a good deal about how it was that Gannon was able to get a pass and through the Secret Service and FBI background checks. Biden went further and made the obvious point that if this had happened under a Democratic administration, there would be mobs in the streets protesting, and said the reason why this administration is getting a pass is because of the media. Commenter Alan S steers us towards this video link. At least "60 Minutes" and a prominent senator are now raising serious questions that will lead to possibly more attention.

And along those lines, rumors are that the New Yorker and several other media outlets are thinking of jumping on this story over the weekend.

You can tell when the GOP and the Mighty Wurlitzer are scared sh*tless about a story when Matt Drudge is silent about it.

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