Sunday :: Feb 20, 2005


by dj moonbat

Hunter S. Thompson has apparently killed himself.

If I had not discovered Thompson's writings, I may very well have ended up being a Libertarian; I hate people telling me what to do. But in Thompson, I discovered a small-l libertarian voice--an adrenalized, manic, offensive voice--that rejected the notion that Greed can exist alongside Liberty. (Thompson liked to do that weird capitalization thing, too.)

I never imagined that Hunter would off himself. It seemed utterly out of character with the Freak Power Uprising.

I wish his survivors well. Given HST's nature, they surely dealt with his wildness all their lives, so I hope they recall good wildness.

Hunter S. Thompson was not, by any means, a perfect man. But if ever there was a gun-totin', drug-takin' weirdo that could provide common cause to civil-liberties extremists from both Left and Right, it was him.

The world is poorer for the loss of Gonzo Journalism™.

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