Tuesday :: Feb 22, 2005

Bush Approval Ratings Still Bad, But Public Even More Ignorant On Saddam And 9/11 Than Before

by Steve

In some interesting polling developments over the past couple of days, I note that Zogby has now weighed in with his latest poll on Bush’s approval ratings, and he finds that Bush is saddled with a 50% disapproval rating. But note that in this poll, even though support for the Iraq campaign has risen slightly, the American public by more than a 3 to 1 margin is against any other overseas ventures in Iran or North Korea.

An American Research Group survey finds similar troubles for Bush in his lackluster approval ratings, but specifically in the feelings of voters towards Bush and the state of the economy.

And if you want to see why Bush still has the support he has on the Iraq war and 9/11, take a look at how misinformed Americans still are about Saddam Hussein, his links to Al Qaeda, his WMD abilities, and his role in 9/11, according to a new Harris Poll. After reading this, you’ll understand why Bush got elected. It is Exhibit A in how the Fox News/GOP approach of repeating a lie often enough makes something a fact to an ignorant and gullible electorate.

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