Wednesday :: Feb 23, 2005

Allawi Will Try And Prevent The Shiites From Taking Power

by Steve

Things will now start getting interesting once again in Iraq. Now that we’ve had our four weeks of positive press spin from Iraq about how great everything will be now that the election is past us, look who raised his hand and said he wants to derail the Shiites effort to gain power: our toady Allawi.

Allawi has made his claim today by emphasizing the need to keep Iraq from becoming an Islamic state, which is a position that sounds like it came straight from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is also a position that smacks Ayatollah al-Sistani right in the face. You can see how a guy whose party claimed only 14 percent of the vote, a vote that our White House held as sacrosanct, now claims he can put together a better coalition government of secular Shiites, Kurds, and even the non-voting Sunnis than the Shiites who actually got 48% of the vote can. Why? Because it is the usual GOP way of ignoring the will of the people and manufacturing your own electoral reality. Thankfully, as Juan Cole notes today, despite Allawi’s claim just now, it is still an uphill battle for him to put together a coalition that can stop Ibrahim al-Jaafari from assembling a ruling coalition.

I have one major question. What happens in Iraq if Allawi is successful at bringing the Kurds and Sunnis aboard to derail the Shiites and deprive them of the power they thought they were going to finally get? How much will these elections really mean then if the results can so easily be cast aside that our boy can buy his way into keeping power while he allows the United States to arm and train Sunni militias to fight the Shias in the south?

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