Wednesday :: Feb 23, 2005

Germans Refuse White House Request For Bush To Appear At Stage-Managed Town Hall Event

by Steve

Apparently the White House failed to stage manage a glorious photo op for Bush today in Germany when the host government refused to agree with a White House request that a planned Town Hall appearance be stacked with only friendly questioners using questions screened in advance. Since the White House used this tactic at all of Bush’s public appearances during the fall campaign, and since Condi got away with a selected audience and pre-screened questions in France last week, the White House obviously felt that they could get away with this again in another country.

Guess again. It seems that only America specializes in stuff like that, either on the campaign trail or when our media allows the administration to stage-manage the daily press briefings with fake reporters.

But what is more embarrassing is that they even tried this and got told no. And as Dan Froomkin in today’s Washington Post notes, it isn’t as if the trip is going that smoothly under the surface anyway. I mean, the European Union audibly laughed at Bush yesterday when he made his remarks about Iran.

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