Thursday :: Feb 24, 2005

What A Difference 'Ah Say!' Makes

by pessimist

Remember how friendly people around the world were to Bill Clinton? This photo above was from his trip to Germany in 1994. This next is from his trip to Ireland:

Things aren't going quite so well for The Great American Uniter!

To escort one man across Europe, Americans need...

The route the Bush motorcade will follow from Mainz to the US airbase in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim is usually home to around 15,000 people, but it will be deserted, closed to traffic and pedestrians from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening.

Naturally not all in the city are happy. Said pharmacist Barbara Mann, 46, who told seven of her nine workers not to come to work: 'Bush is going to kill business around here all day and I find that extremely annoying. Why couldn't he go somewhere else, somewhere less populated?'

Because it's too cold in Antarctica?

To escort one man across Europe, Americans need...

# 250 Secret Service agents
# 150 National Security advisers
# 200 staff from govt departments
# 1 presidential vehicle
# 5 cooks
# 50 White House aides
# 15 sniffer dog teams
# 2 identical Air Force One (Boeing 747-200)
# 1 chartered jumbo jet
# 1 Sea King helicopter, Marine One
# 1 Blackhawk helicopter
# 19 escort vehicles

Look again at those pictures of Bill Clinton. He had everything included on the list above, and yet he still went out into the crowd unafraid of something happening to him. Can King George Warmonger say the same?

Not a chance.

Some leader. No wonder the EU is laughing at him behind his back!

Same people, same words, same food: a President's groundhog day

At Nato, leaders spoke in order of their length of service, which put the loquacious Jacques Chirac in pole position. Each leader talked about what they wished — just the kind of meeting to infuriate Mr Bush whose White House meetings run to their appointed conclusion and not a second more. The meeting overran by 30 minutes.

After the EU meeting Mr Bush had dinner at the European Commission’s headquarters, 100 yards away. He required the usual motorcade to take him there.

He was served lobster and lamb, as opposed to the lobster and beef he ate on Monday night. It may be a while before he is back.

D'ya think? If anyone treated me that way, I'd wonder what I had done to make them mad at me! King George just might have a clue about this if he bothered to read something other than My Pet Goat:

Europeans Ask: Is Bush a Wolf in a Granny's Suit?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe famously said, "When ideas fail, words come in very handy." The iconic, albeit very dead German writer would have had a field day in Brussels on Monday, where US President George W. Bush delivered his first speech abroad since his second term began.

The speech, billed as a chance to address Europe and start mending ties broken over the Iraq war and other policy conflicts took place in an 18th century bourgeois salon in front of a hand-picked crowd of 300-pro Bush supporters. It was laced with grand verbiage, but not with new ideas. By far, the president's favorite word of the night was "freedom," although "liberty" also got its fair play.

Bush stood before the crowd and acted almost blissfully ignorant of the depth of Europe's frustration with him and his first administration.

Here's a sampling of what the EU media had to say:

Despite the smiles, both sides perceive the global threat differently. When push comes to shove, they are not prepared to move towards each other. In addition, Berlin is losing interest in the trans-Atlantic structure. At any time, this strong anti-Americanism that exists all over, but predominantly in Germany, could be used for political ends. Already, the anti-American furor is alarming.

- Die Welt

After the new Donald Rumsfeld, now the new George W. Bush has arrived in the Old World. Is Bush just improving the general atmosphere or will there really be a European component in trans-Atlantic decisions? And, on the other side, do the Europeans have common goals, a policy even, or are they just moved by popular anti-Bushism or anti-Americanism?

- Sueddeutsche Zeitung

The more the officials bluster about a new beginning for the trans-Atlantic relationship, the less one wants to believe it. The trans-Atlantic partnership would be better off if it did not swear it holds common values, but rather put forth a common strategy. But a 'grand design in terms of foreign and security policy is as far away today as it was a year ago.

- Handelsblatt

The fact that whole cities and regions have to be turned upside down for him does not exactly fit in with the Message of the Redeemor, but that is the way emperors travel. The president's friendly tone doesn't change the fact that this is the same warlord with imperial claims as before. This is a man who in his re-election sees vindication and acceptance for his belief that violence is often needed to bring freedom and democracy to the world. It is also a man who in addition to having a mandate from voters sees himself as doing God's work.

At the moment, the EU seems useful to Bush. The world power has determined that even its mighty military is not enough to turn an underdeveloped country like Iraq into the 'youngest democracy in the world.'

- Berliner Zeitung

Maybe George better stick to My Pet Goat.

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