Thursday :: Feb 24, 2005

For $300 Billion We Could Buy…

by paradox

Nailing down the real monetary cost of the Iraq War is problematic—currently the US has spent $155 billion, the President’s latest $82 billion request brings the total to $200 billion officially allocated, and it seems extremely safe to say total US monetary costs for the war will be at least $300 billion.

For what? The latest insanity from the White House is that all this money is justifiably spent for Iraqi “democracy” where the Sunnis did not vote and candidates had to be kept secret. One could presume that the United States is awash with cash and that our citizens don’t have any needs to be met, since we can spend so lavishly on other countries. Had we spent that money domestically, we could have bought:

Of course the United States is deeply in hock with a total debt approaching 7 trillion dollars and an annual deficit in the $400 billion range, or $2 billion dollars a day. For the United States to be spending $300 billion in Iraq while our own kids don’t have textbooks and we’re further in debt by $2 billion dollars a day is pure insanity.

Our "liberal" press corps covers the cost of the war, its gross unfairness, implications and priorities precisely like they cover Jeff Gannon: not at all, or if they do in mumbling, buried stories. They can continue to pull this nauseating ass-kissing, and The Left Coaster will continue to publish the real truth:

The cost of the Iraq War is obscene, there isn’t any real auditing of how this money is being spent, our own citizens desperately need the spending for basic necessities, and the $300 billion exacerbates an already insane fiscal policy. George Bush seems more than happy to squander our money on total failure while nobody speaks for the citizens of America, who are being neglected and saddled by incredible debt for this utter failure.

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