Sunday :: Feb 27, 2005

More On the Fake White House Journalist

by Mary

As Marie's posts (here and here) showed, the Jeff Gannon story could pull back the curtain on how the White House works with the right wing machine. And as other posts have said, Gannon/Gluckert flatters himself to think that he himself is important in this story. What the Gannon/Gluckert story does is make it clear that the Bush administration was either easily conned (a charitable, but highly unlikely way to look at this affair) or was actively involved in using a non-credible shill acting like a journalist to transmit propaganda to the American public. Forget the fact that the guy is gay and is a prostitute. The real story is that he has been used to transmit lies to the American public.

What are some of the things we should take away from this brouhaha?

  1. Despite Jeff Gannon's latest comeback party, anyone who believes he is a credible reporter should have to read Gannon's body of work again and again while listening to the Annoying Music Show until they are thoroughly queasy.
  2. How did the doppelganger get access to the White House and who paid his way? This should be one of the investigations that continues on.
  3. What was Gannon's role in the Rather affair? He bragged about having the scoop on Mapes for the Rather documents and passed that tidbit to Sean Hannity (he first mentioned this to Hannity on Sept 10th, two days after the show aired). Who gave him this information? And having Gannon, the fake investigative journalist, passing on news he got from the Right Wing machine reopens the question about where did those TANG documents come from and who gave them to Mapes/Rather? Dkos' Regeneration Man has a credible theory that those documents were manufactured by Roger Stone, one of the Nixon dirty tricksters still doing the dirty work of the Republican machine, under the aegis of Karl Rove. Regeneration Man's report is the only one that pulls together all the random notes in this strange affair, including the fact that Burkett said he was told about them by a woman who asked him to burn the originals - which he did before he passed them on. As Regeneration Man says, the Gannon exposé could prove to be the thread that unravels this whole sordid story. Don't be too surprised to see it land in the lap of Karl Rove, friend of Bobby Eberle, Gannon's Boss at Talon News.

One thing is sure, this story ain't dead yet.

PostScript: The Poorman upset his Junior High School principal. Isn't that sad?

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