Sunday :: Mar 6, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

There's been a lot written about the power of the bloggers. Well, sometimes that seems true, but it is certainly more true when bloggers can find a specific cause to unite with others both left and right to derail - like a very bad bill or regulation change. One such example was the attempt by Michael Powell to sellout the public by allowing greater consolidation of the media for his friends like Rupert Murdoch.

The reason Powell did not get his way was because a number of disparate people came together to stop him in his tracks. Groups on both the left and the right decided these changes were bad and so you saw leftie bloggers aligning with the conservative NRA and the liberal to rally enough people who contacted their representatives. Those representatives absolutely decided it was an issue people cared about and they had to back their constituents concerns against the media corporations who had banked on this change.

The travesty of a bankruptcy bill being fast-tracked through the Senate is another area that has the potential to be this year's eye-opener for our representatives. According to the sharp-eyed Riggsveda, Instapundit doesn't think this bill is very good at all. If we on the left are outraged by this bill, then let's make sure to make a stink about it and see if the right will join us in our protest. The outlines of the bill are so blatantly one-sided and unfair that I think most Americans would be outraged enough to stop the bill in its tracks. It's time to make our Representatives know we are watching and we do not support this bill.

For information on who to contact, see here.

What's your outrage du jour?

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