Monday :: Mar 7, 2005

Bush Names Neanderthalic John Bolton To Be New UN Ambassador

by Steve

Well, in another case of "ignore his rhetoric, pay attention to his actions," you can forget anything Bush has said recently about wanting to improve relations with the UN and European Union, and any desire to work together and put the past behind everyone. Bush just picked the one person who is the ultimate loose cannon to be his new UN ambassador, thereby ensuring that our relations with allies and foes alike will not get any better.

John ("Cuba has WMDs") Bolton has just been named by Bush to be our new UN ambassador, a pick guaranteed to make us even more of a laughingstock and isolated than we already are in the world. No matter what Bush thinks Condi will be able to achieve by dressing well and schmoozing foreign leaders, Bolton will undo it with his bombastic, ascerbic comments, behavior, and stupidity at the UN. Hell, many in European diplomatic circles think the man is a loon, and now he is our UN ambassador.

I'm sure that Bolton will be seen as a right-wing joke by the Chinese, who already think that our posture towards the North Koreans is no longer feasible because our intelligence on Pyongyang's nuclear program sucks. Can you imagine Bolton trying to diplomatically work with the Chinese to resolve the North Korean problem when they already know he is a nutcase on the issue of WMDs?

Enjoy your job, Condi. You are in way over your head, and now firmly surrounded by a**holes who will make your life a living hell. But you deserve it, so I hope at least you get a nice clothing allowance.

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