Tuesday :: Mar 8, 2005

Any Democrat Who Votes For The Bankruptcy Bill Should Forget About 2008

by Steve

Read Krugman this morning on the bankruptcy bill, and the upcoming vote, and then tell me if you don't agree with his conclusion that any Democratic senator who votes in favor of this bill should be ashamed of themselves.

I'll go a step further: any Democratic senator who votes in favor of this bill can kiss off any chance of running for the party's nomination in 2008.

This is another "moral values" test for the party, and this bill should have been tackled by the House and Senate Democrats as a slam against the moral values of the White House and the GOP in Congress. Instead, the Democratic leadership allowed this debate to get sucked into rear-guard actions on military families and those saddled with high medical bills, while athough important, ended up minimizing the bigger problem here. Large multinational corporations which have reaped tens of billions of dollars in profits over the last decade with predatory lending practices, have given millions in campaign contributions to the Republican majority in Congress and Geroge W. Bush, with an eye towards locking the middle and lower classes into a serfdom society while the wealthy escape the same restrictions. And the GOP congress and White House have designed the bill just this way, while claiming a moral values superiority over the Democrats in red states.

And yet the Democrats didn't make this a battle over moral values, and beat the GOP and White House over their collective heads on this and make this issue toxic for them. Shame on them.

But if any Democrat, and that includes you Joe Biden, vote for this bill today, you can kiss off the Democratic nomination in 2008. It's that simple.

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