Wednesday :: Mar 9, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

Despite today's votes, the bankruptcy bill has not yet come to a final vote. And as Elizabeth Warren says, this bill was supposed to be a slamdunk. The fact that it is not is a tribute to all of you who contacted your Senators and your Representative. There is still time to make it clear that this is not a popular vote. The credit card industry recognizes that which is why they directed their employees to contact their representatives in support of this bill. But, guess what, there are more of us than the employees of these companies forced to shill for their corporations. TPM says:

We’ve got two or three more days on this bill. Let’s show them what we can do: more facts, more discussion, more debate, more amendments. And let’s drown them in emails, faxes, phone calls and letters. There is no point in going quietly now.

You can help make sure these guys are aware that this vote will be public and noticed.

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