Wednesday :: Mar 9, 2005

On the Comeback Trail: John Kerry and...Joe Piscopo?

by rayman

Via Political Wire, I see that Senator Kerry is already laying the groundwork for a 2008 presidential run:

Kerry huddled with his top fund-raisers Monday night in his Georgetown mansion, preparing a massive money push aimed at keeping the defeated presidential nominee's ambitions alive.

"He wants to keep his team together," said one member of Kerry's national finance team. "He's looking ahead. He will be a strong voice in the party."

Strategists say Kerry will use his new political action committee, Keeping America's Promise, to promote his agenda, help party causes and keep his army of 2.7 million supporters together.

"It's something that has never been done before - in terms of a nominee coming back," said a Kerry source. "We're trying to stay relevant."

Never been done before? Does the name Adlai Stevenson ring a bell? How 'bout Richard M. Nixon? Anyway, this tidbit is from the right-wing Boston Herald, so take it with several grains of salt.

And for all you Joe Piscopo fans (don't be bashful!), Political Wire also informs us that the former Saturday Night Live star is seriously considering an independent run in New Jersey's gubernatorial race:

"I am flattered most of all that people in the state that I love . . . think I could be the guy to represent them," Piscopo said in an interview.

"All I am concerned about is doing what's right for New Jersey," Piscopo said. "If there were enough people that said, "Run, Joe, run! We are so ticked off. You've got to be there for us,' then I would consider it very seriously."

"No joke," insisted the 53-year-old resident of Lebanon Township, Hunterdon County, after an offbeat political organizer staged a Statehouse news conference to draft Piscopo. That was Doug Friedline, once campaign manager for former Minnesota Gov. Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

Does anybody know Tim Kazurinsky's phone number?

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