Thursday :: Mar 10, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

Now that the two year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War is approaching and we see the price tag for this war to be more than 1500 dead soldiers (and countless Iraqis), Joseph Galloway asks us to remember the arguments that led to that war.

Do you remember those who predicted that the operation would be financed in large part by sales of Iraqi oil? It would be cheap, easy and, oh yes, so swift that civilian leaders in the Pentagon ordered the military to plan to begin withdrawing from Iraq no later than the summer of 2003.

There was no need for much post-war planning because there wasn't going to be any post-war. America would come, conquer and get out. If Iraq was broken, its new government headed by the neo-conservatives' favorite exile, Ahmad Chalabi, could fix it. There would be no need for American nation-building, just some modest humanitarian aid.

He notes that now that the reason for the war has shifted to claim we were installing democracy, we should remember that the cost would surely have been less if there had been less wishful thinking at the start. Indeed.

Here's a belated open thread for Thursday.

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