Thursday :: Mar 10, 2005

Harry Reid and 17 Other Democratic Senators Sell Out Consumers To Pass Bankruptcy Bill Today

by Steve

The sell-out is complete. The bankruptcy bill just passed.

With 18 Democratic votes. And our Minority Leader was one of the culprits.

Democratic senators just voted to throw consumers overboard for banking and credit card companies in order to collect more campaign contributions from people who will still bankroll opponents against them anyway. There was a far more effective counterstrategy available here, like fighting predatory lending practices and reinstating usury laws. But the Democrats never went near that. But at least they tried to point out how the bill favored the wealthy. Even if it was going to pass anyway, Democrats didn't need to help it along and could have used this against the GOP next year as part of a larger pro-consumer plank in the 2006 midterms. They can't do that now, especially with their "leader" selling out also.

Some of these folks did it to collect cash and because they were afraid for their reelections next year. Others, who are safe, did it for no good reason except money and ambition. And none of them thought long and hard about consumers.

Let Dick Durbin have the caucus. Harry Reid lost me today with this vote.

These are the Democrats who sold out consumers today for their pieces of silver. May each one of them rot in hell.

Blanche Lincoln-Arkansas (kiss off 2008 you piece of garbage)
David Pryor-Arkansas
Ken Salazar, Colorado (not up for reelection until 2010)
Joe Biden-Delaware (kiss off 2008 you piece of garbage)
Tom Carper-Delaware (owes his ass to MBNA)
Bill Nelson-Florida (up for reelection next year)
Daniel Inouye-Hawaii
Evan Bayh-Indiana (kiss off 2008 you piece of garbage)
Mary Landrieu-Louisiana (forget anything national, lady)
Debbie Stabenow-Michigan (I had my fill of you too)
Max Baucus-Montana (he'll cave now on Social Security)
Ben Nelson-Nebraska (up for reelection next year)
Harry Reid-Nevada (let Kerry or Durbin have the caucus)
Jeff Bingaman-New Mexico
Hillary-abstaining (Bill's in the hospital)
Kent Conrad-North Dakota
Tim Johnson-South Dakota (owes his ass to Citibank)
Robert Byrd-West Virginia
Herb Kohl-Wisconsin (up for reelection next year)

Let these pieces of garbage know what you think. I'm done with each one of them for good.

Folks, we've got far bigger problems than fighting Karl Rove when we have lame-assed corporate Democrats snuffing out consumers.

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