Thursday :: Mar 10, 2005

Where Are The Other Center-Left Blogs On The Bankruptcy Vote?

by Steve

I am a little confused about something. It is 6:30 PM on the West Coast, and the pathetic bankruptcy bill vote was completed three hours ago, and yet it appears that The Left Coaster is one of the only blogs on our side of the aisle that even has a post up on it.

Although Kos and I disagree on how to react to Democratic appeasers who vote for this bill, and although he has nothing up on it yet, Kos gets a pass because he has far more important family issues now. Atrios however is silent on the vote so far, as is Josh Marshall and Chris and Jerome over at MyDD. Was this cave-in so expected for the others that they don't think it worth a little bit of exasperation at least?

Oh well.

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