Friday :: Mar 11, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

Democrats will need to get their act together with their base or they will find themselves twisting in the wind. There's a lot of anger about watching "the best government money can buy" do it's business. A great deal of the anger is due to the recognition that if we can't count on those who we elected to make some clear moral choices about who they represent, our chances of rescuing our country from the cabal that rules is extremely limited. The Democratic party should spend more time talking to people outside of DC and outside of the lobbyists to recognize that the people they are suppose to represent will be demanding real accountability. And accountability means making sure your vote can be explained in public. I'm still waiting for an explanation about why it was important to vote for the bankruptcy bill. Selling your vote for campaign funds is not an adequate excuse.

If your Senator voted for the bankruptcy bill or your Representative signed the letter to Dennis Hastert, ask them to explain why they voted for this bill. Go to their town halls and make them explain. (After all, there must be a reason for this vote.) Make them aware that they are on notice. They must learn that they cannot rely on their corporate sponsors to get them elected because we will mount a viable challenger in the primary. (But note, for this to work, we need to be very visible in rewarding those who we see doing right and penalizing those who are too quick to sell us out. It only works if we can back up the threat.)

On another note, it seems that one of the reasons Bush's Social Security Bamboozlepalooza is failing is that a number of his most ardent supporters just can't get too worked up about a crisis happening in the next few decades. His fundamentalist supporters don't think global warming is going to be a problem because the endtimes are eminent. Why worry about a problem when you are about to be wafted off to paradise? Well, these same people aren't all too concerned about this other crisis that Bush is pushing for exactly the same reason.

"Lashawn Winston, a 31 year-old petrol station cashier, believes the whole debate is irrelevant. She is one of many Americans -- 59 per cent, according to a Time/CNN poll in 2002 -- who believe the apocalypse described in the Book of Revelation will eventually come true. 'I'm not worried [about Social Security],' she says. 'Because by the time it becomes a problem we'll be on the other side.'"

Bush's sales job will only work if he can find enough people worried enough about the problem to create the momentum needed to force the change. And now it looks like his crucial groundtroops don't think there is any reason to worry.

It's your turn now.

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