Saturday :: Mar 12, 2005

Rather Than Cut Corporate Farm Aid, GOP Wants To Cut Food Stamps And School Lunches Instead

by Steve

Just when you think the GOP can’t top itself with another outrageous demonstration of cruelty to the vulnerable and fealty to the wealthy, you get this.

Even after Bush’s new budget called for substantial cuts in the subsidies to corporate farmers, the GOP’s House and Senate committee leaders found a way to protect the corporations and hurt children while doing it: instead of cutting corporate farming subsidies, cut food stamps and childhood nutrition programs by the same amount instead. And who exactly is proposing such an outrage against women and children in order to protect Corporate America? Why none other than Senate Agriculture Committee chairman Saxby Chambliss, the man who defeated Max Cleland by using a Bill Frist-approved campaign that questioned Cleland’s patriotism and implied support for Osama Bin Laden.

Yes, the red-state morons in Georgia are responsible for sending the nation this knuckle-dragging, combat-dodging jackass to the Senate as a result of the 2002 midterm elections. But that doesn’t mean that Democrats can’t start now to plan for a rematch in 2008. Sure, the Democratic Party in Georgia is in shambles, from what I’m told. But how hard would it be to form some innocuous sounding group like Georgians for Moral Leadership as a 527 or 503 committee, have some Democratic donors pump some money into it, and have the group run newspaper and radio ads highlighting Chambliss’s stupid ideas and immoral proposals against the least fortunate every time he opens his mouth between now and 2008? Democrats need to learn from the GOP that the time to begin work on taking out GOP incumbents is four or six years ahead of time, by softening them up with low-cost radio and newspaper buys to plant the negative image of an incumbent GOP buffoon.

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