Monday :: Mar 14, 2005

Holding A Large Amount Of US Debt, Chinese Poke A Finger In Bush's Eye

by Steve

I hope Condi will earn her shoes with this one. After appeals from the White House to show restraint, the largely ceremonial National People’s Congress in China passed a law authorizing military force to retake Taiwan if necessary. Although the People’s Congress is ceremonial, it is under the control of the national party. So this vote was undertaken with the blessing of the Chinese leadership, and was in reality nothing more than the Chinese showing that they can do whatever they want with regards to Taiwan with this administration in power. That’s the benefit from holding so much American debt in your possession and with several American battle groups and 145,000 troops tied down in Iraq.

No one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue should overlook the fact that this vote was authorized after we asked for restraint. This is nothing more than the Chinese wanting to show that the Bush Administration, despite all its bluster, is impotent outside of Iraq. It sends the desired message to all countries in Asia and throughout the world that the Chinese don’t think much anymore of Bush or his administration, and I’m sure the Chinese leadership is eagerly awaiting the first visit of Condi Twin Mirrors to schmooze them.

Let's see some of that John Bolton rhetoric now. Yikes, we have another four years of this type of bitch-slapping to suffer through.

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