Monday :: Mar 14, 2005

Negotiations Between Shiites And Kurds Break Down In Iraq

by Steve

Oh, and that Iraqi move towards democracy that Bush is claiming credit for? Well, hold the phone Skippy. Juan Cole reports that negotiations between the Kurds and the majority Shiites have broken down because the Kurds may be overplaying their hand over Kirkuk. And why would they be overplaying their hand? Because unlike a lot of other parliamentary democracies in the world who allow majority control when a coalition can claim 51% of the seats, the new Iraqi governing arrangement requires the majority coalition to claim two-thirds of the seats, thereby ensuring gridlock and demands by minority parties that may bring down the whole fragile alliance.

And what nimrods insisted that the new Iraqi governing coalition claim 66% of the seats before taking power? Why, the Bush Administration, of course. And do they really think that forcing some gridlock like this upon the Shiites will make it easier for Iyad Allawi to come forward as a compromise candidate without Ayatollah al-Sistani saying "forget it" or other Shiites becoming enraged at another attempt to keep them from the power denied them for decades?

Remember all of the talk from Bush and Rice chastizing critics for supposedly claiming that Iraqis weren't ready for democracy and self-government? Well, it wasn't those critics who imposed this hard-to-attain 66% requirement for self-government. It was the very same Bush Administration who did so, in an effort to keep the Shiites from taking power. You see, it's not that the Iraqis aren't ready for self-government, it's just that to Bush and Cheney, the Iraqis must be prevented from a self-government not approved by Washington. And at this rate, what Iraq will end up with is a partitioned state of three provinces, and that's if we're lucky.

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