Monday :: Mar 14, 2005

The Wonderful World Of Dizzy

by pessimist

Did you know that Al Qaeda is plannning to take over the oil fields of the world? Did you know that this possibility means that the US 'must' be the world's leader?

Neither did I!

That's what we reality-based progressives get for not listening to - and believing - fantasy-based propaganda as presented on talk radio!

It's no wonder we don't get the wrong-wing agenda - we're thinking! And logically!

This all came about when one of my good Orange County (CA) Republican coworkers left his radio running after he'd left work today - trying to convert the rest of us? These two points came up in the course of a discussion concerning recent US initiatives in the Middle East - as if that's the only thing we Americans need to concern ourselves with. Not a peep about the topic of Blog Lord Steve Soto's China post below - might be too scary, you know! Wouldn't want to stampede the sheep!

So as things have been kind of heavy here lately with all of the Social Security sellouts and bankruptcy vote-buying and Tom DeLay, I thought I would offer up this humerous anecdote from our wrong-wing friends.

And what humerous wrong-wing anecdote have you to share?

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