Tuesday :: Mar 15, 2005

Those Damned, Dirty Bloggers!

by rayman

Apparently, blogger bashing has become the new fad amongst Beltway pundits and politicians. Bobo Brooks joins the fray:

The Democrats are still traumatized by their own losses. They are focused on past defeats, not future opportunities, and interested in revenge, not governing and accomplishment.

When Social Security reform was broached, the party leaders went to the F.D.R. Memorial, as if the glory days of the 1930's were the guideposts for the 21st century. Meanwhile, the party base has grown militant with rage. The Howard Dean hotheads declare that they hate the evil Republicans, making compromise seem like collaborating with Satan. The militants, bloggers and polemicists have waged a relentless pressure campaign on any moderates who might even be thinking of offering constructive ideas.

Shorter Bobo Brooks: Republicans would have gotten away with "reforming" Social Security, if it wasn't for those meddling "militants, bloggers, and polemicists"!

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