Tuesday :: Mar 15, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

Last Friday, Kevin Drum noted that he was in a rotten mood because of the 109th Congress and their actions. Since then, it's just gotten worse. Tonight I had 4 urgent petitions in my email about upcoming outrages. There was Barbara Boxer's and John Kerry's entreaties to protect ANWR, a request to blunt the Hammer, a petition to reform our media, and there was Dr Dean's request to protest the Republicans pulling the Nuclear Option which would basically remove the last check from the overreaching of the Republicans. Sadly, I note that this is just the first three months of an unchecked and overweaning political party that seems bound to destroy our democracy.

BTW, here is Senator Reid's letter making the threat explicit: if the Republicans force the issue on the filibuster, don't expect to get anything else done this year. See Liberal Oasis to see why this was very effective for our side today. And I bet that there won't be too many Americans who care that the Bush agenda doesn't pass, because they never signed up for his destructive domestic agenda in the first place.

Your take on this all?

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