Wednesday :: Mar 16, 2005

With A GOP-Heavy Sample, Gallup Reports Low Approval Ratings For GOP-Led Congress

by Steve

In a story yesterday on the most recent Gallup poll, which was conducted last Monday through Thursday, it was reported that the approval rating for Congress had fallen to 37%, its lowest level since 1999 in the aftermath of a GOP-led congressional effort to impeach Bill Clinton. This same Gallup poll also reflected that the general satisfaction with the way things are going in the country has fallen another 3% to 42% with dissatisfaction now up to 56%. Gallup also reported that amidst this, Bush’s approval rating stayed at 52%.

Yet the sample for this most recent Gallup poll was 35.4% Republican, 32.4% Democratic, and 30.7% Independent. This 3-point edge for the GOP in the Gallup sample isn’t supported by other pollsters, like Harris, which reports that Democrats have retained a three-to-five point edge in party ID for the last four years. So aside from begging the question on how these numbers would have looked if the sample was reweighted with more Democrats, what does it say about how Republicans feel about their own GOP-led Congress that they are giving this low approval rating to?

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