Wednesday :: Mar 16, 2005

GOP Wins ANWR Vote In Senate By 51-49

by Steve

The GOP just won the ANWR vote in the Senate, by only a 51-49 vote.

These are the Democrats who voted with Big Oil:


And these are the Republicans who showed some real courage:

Lincoln Chafee-RI
Norm Coleman-MN
Susan Collins-ME
Mike DeWine-OH
John McCain-AZ
Gordon Smith-OR
Olympia Snowe-ME

And Jim Jeffords voted with the Democrats.

Gee, I wasn't aware that Hawaii had a lot of oil wells.

Akaka is on the Senate Energy and National Resources committee, and is up for reelection next year. He wants the money from the oil industry, even though he won in 2000 with 68% of the vote with little if any money from the oil industry. In other words, Akaka just whored himself for cash so that he won’t see Big Oil bankroll an opponent next year, as if they and the RSCC won’t still do it anyway.

Inouye was just elected in 2004 and is invulnerable. He doesn’t need the money and doesn’t need to worry about the oil industry. So why in the hell did he just do this?

It looks like a lot of hard work by Reid to keep the caucus together just got blown apart by two guys from Hawaii who don’t need to worry about the oil industry, and who obviously don’t care about the environment anywhere but in Hawaii. Or could it be as simple as a mutual backscratching between the Alaskan and Hawaiian senators? (thanks to Muckat for the tip)

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