Wednesday :: Mar 16, 2005

What is the ICM?

by Mary

During the election, I became aware of the very interesting blog, eRiposte, by a blogger who applied some rigorous analysis to such subjects as taxes, the voting systems, the environment, women's right, etc. Then I followed his work when a Cupertino school in his district became the target of vicious rightwing smear about being anti-religious because a teacher was suspended for "talking about God in the classroom", he organized a campaign that debunked the conservative lies (the teacher was reprimanded for gross evangelism in the classroom that upset the kids and their parents), and provided the ammunition for the school district to stand up to the national VRWC and force them to stop their smear.

Today, he is launching a new blog called the Illiberal Conservative Media (ICM) to provide a resource designed to debunk the false impression that there is a liberal bias in the news and to refute the lazy impression that because everyone believes it's liberal, the media must be liberal. I've added a link to the Political & Media Resources section of our links and will be providing guest posts here on TLC of his initial posts (see next post) so that you can be aware of his site as a resource covering this important issue.

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