Thursday :: Mar 17, 2005

The Animated Graph & Chart Project: Terror Alerts and Bush Popularity

by paradox

This is the beginning of my get off thy ass and Get Civically Active evolution. I want to be a Flash volunteer in a California House campaign for the 2006 cycle.

To get there I’m starting a new category at The Left Coaster: Animated Graphs & Charts. The first one looks at the variable of terror alert related to Bush’s mean popularity.

In the windoze world, right-click on the file to play it again.

As I think of more graphs and charts I’ll work them up—it could be just one variable or event. If you are a writer, blogger or liberal publication that would like an animated graph or chart I will make one for you as soon as I can.

I work with marketers all day and I would like to stay away from that aspect of Flash right now. I’m an internet snob and it’s time to walk the talk for the medium and pick up some tools. Hopefully I’ll be good enough to pitch in for a campaign in 15 months and I’ll be back among my kinfolk of designers who spec me to half a pixel and pm’s who obsess with colors.

Unusually for me, this graph does not represent precise data, but rather an eyeball and sincere thanks to juliusblog (excellent timeline) and Professor Polkatz. This is my first Flash file, and I wasn’t going to crunch the mean on 15 data sources, get a standard deviation and run a regression along with trying to learn the application.

I hope this a good idea—I think Kevin Drum would like it, he’s the best blogger I know at using charts and graphs. It’s kind of fun and often they can be invaluable communication tools.

I thought of Mr. Drum because at one time he did link to a guy who did crunch the data on this variable, and as I remember it the answer came back as, of course, inconclusive. There was a statistical significance in upward growth of popularity to alerts in the beginning, but it faded over time. Popularity is far too multifaceted to be tied to one variable, of course, but I wanted to see what the graph would look like.

I also don’t want this time of our lives to go down the memory hole. Soon we’ll look back on it like we remember eighties hair, sort of. To me it will always represent a time of profound betrayal of government by thugs, lying to scare and manipulate people. The alerts weren’t only to boost support, of course, but to distract. With the election over of course they’ve vanished. May these war felons…it’s a family blog, right?.

If anyone else would like to see a specific graph or chart just comment or mail the x’n y labels and grid specs, what paths and colors you’d like, any sounds, and a general size in pixels. Some people may like to know about guided motion tween layers, so I might add technical comments in the future, but I’ve had it with this file. Feel free to look at file and offer suggestions.

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