Friday :: Mar 18, 2005

Selling Your Soul

by Mary

Sometimes I am amazed at how good the conversation is in the TLC comment threads. Today I checked back on Steve's post about the Arctic Refuge and found that there was a lot more really excellent information about what is happening in Hawaii and why the Hawaii Senators sold the Arctic Refuge down the river. And it's clear that Senator Akaka's goal to obtain federal recognition for Native Hawaiians isn't something that Native Hawaiian want and that the recognition for which Akaka is searching comes with a very high price for Native Hawaiians. Some of the points I thought I would pull up to the front page from comments on that post:

  • Keala Kelly, a Native Hawaiian activist/writer/filmmaker exposed how the Hawaii Democratic elected officials had sold out both the Native Hawaiians and the environment in this Hawaiian Journal article from last year.
  • Scott in Maui explores this issue in depth at his blog and provided an informative diary at dKos
  • Jack Kelly wrote about how the Arctic Refuge was being setup for betrayal by the Hawaiian Democratic Senators. Note that many Native Hawaiian's don't see a paternalistic Interior Department "protecting" their soverienty is much for which to look forward.

The Bush administration does a terrific job of selling people on short-term self-interest goals which are bought by selling out someone else. They slice-and-dice the electorate to pit one person's need or desire against someone else's and they depend on people taking their bribe to destroy our ability to collectively stop their predation. Last week, the Bush administration thought they could sell Social Security phase-out by pitting the young against the old. In this case Native Hawaiians are being sold a bill of goods that sounds good, but it will ultimately hurt their position -- and all they have to do to get this bill of goods is to have their Senators sellout the promise that Democrats care about the environment. What will it take to have Democrats recognize that their short term gain (the pieces of silver they are promised by the Republicans) are not just a betrayal to the larger cause but is also a betrayal of their own integrity?

Update: Scott points to this article from 2003 by Keala Kelly that provides the foundation for the later reports.

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