Sunday :: Mar 20, 2005

Hypocrisy, Thou Art The Republican Party

by pessimist

There has been a lot of media attention aimed at Terri Schiavo, and none at the opportunistic and hypocritical actions of the GOP trying to reestablish their domination of the nations Christians, now weakened by the neglect of the post-election period.

Gay marriage is dropping off the opinion poll radar screens because it wasn't working too well anymore. The battle over abortion rights is slowed to a crawl due to a crowded court docket, so that can't be milked for political gain. Thus, poor Terri Schiavo's turn in the spotlight once again.

Just how important is this issue to the GOP? the Republican-dominated Congress held a rare 'special session' just to pass a special law to override Florida's state's rights and keep her alive. This issue is even important enough for Koenig Georg Kriegfuehrer to interrupt his National Special Social Security Media Event Tour just to sign this emergency law! And just to show what kind of mileage points can be earned off of the ill-fated Ms. Schiavo, Tom DeLay wants a piece of the action in his attempts to wriggle out of the ethics spotlight he finds himself in.

But what's this??? The opportunism of the present is contradicted by past actions opposing this very situation??? Tainted by racism???


Atrios over at Eschaton points out that Governor George W. Bu$h signed a law which allows Texas Hospitalsto end life support. The decision hinges on the patient's ability to pay and the prognosis that further medical assistance is futile.

Isn't it ironic that what is OK in King George's old stomping grounds is not OK in his brother's? Maybe the comments I linked to concerning Jebba The Butt's inability to match his brother's performance (sic) as pResident really are true after all? Especially if George won't let him run his own state???

But if you happen to have been born a poor black child shutting off support against the mother's wishes is still OK?

But I digress.

Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman is calling GOP actions aimed at blocking actions to end Ms. Schiavo's wonderful life 'a farce' and that Congress is 'dictating the medical care Terri Schiavo should receive' at a time when they are eliminating medical care for returning Iraq Oil War vets.

Waxman was shown to be precient by Orcinus, who reports that perennial anti-government radical Bo Gritz wants to arrest Michael Schiavo.

Bo - your experiance as a Green Beret would be put to much better use on behalf of your country if you would just go to Saudi Arabia and arrest Osama. I suspect that he's there hiding somewhere since King George can't seem to find him in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Maybe you could do better.

But again I digress.

Kos points out that according to an ABC News/Washington Post survey most of us wouldn't want to be in Terri Schaivo's bed, and thus there is great sympathy for Michael Schiavo among us.

But - as No More Mr. Nice Blog reports - ABC News has posted a story that the Republicans have been distributing 'talking points' about this case to GOP Congressmen intended to influence their vote.

Must be the only way that Karl can get the word out to these guys on a Saturday.

But I digress once more.

Does no one really care at all about Terri Schiavo? James Wolcott doesn't think so, going so far as to claim that the Republicans are treating this poor woman as if she were their personal pet rock when there are so many other issues that affect the entire country that need their attention.

Indeed. The nation's long-term economic competitiveness is going to need the kind of life-support that the Republican Party wants to maintain for Terri Schiavo, but that's too big an issue for their feeble minds. Besides - they might make Grover Norquist mad at them like Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has. Seems that he's one of those too many Republican opportunists who change their stripes to spots as conditions warrant. Grover's mad because his former tax cut buddy raised Indiana taxes as his first gubernatorial action.

But who is Grover Norquist in the Terri Schiavo scheme of things? Tax cuts can wait until the evangelicals are safely back aboard the $.$. Bu$htanic.

Another issue that should be considered more important is the Second Mexican War now brewing in Arizona. But hey - what's another country to enslave economically? And, doing away with all of those expensive Border Patrol agents means that there is more money to run about the nation bragging about how well Homeland Security is working.

But instead, the country is being allowed to waste away, with no realistic quality to its daily life, on the life support that can't be sustained once the money runs out.

Maybe then they will let Grover Norquist drown it in the bathtub as well.

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