Wednesday :: Mar 23, 2005

Open Thread

by Mary

The right wing "culture of life" campaign is not new. Ever since the Roe-v-Wade decision, they have been battling the dominant USA culture in a quest to force their vision of morality and their version of God's will (believing this is a message that somehow God decided only they would get).

This issue brings up strong, viseral feeling in people. The right wing counted on the passion of their followers' feelings to carry the public toward their definition of the "culture of life", just as they've used the intensity of anger about 9/11 and their framing of this incident to move the public in backing war. Nevertheless, most people do not want the government to dictate their most personal decisions and nothing is more personal than how we die. The Republican Taliban shows they have beliefs that most Americans reject:

When a Missouri judge finally permitted the removal of Nancy Cruzan’s feeding tube in 1990, pro-life demonstrators stormed the hospital in an attempt to force-feed her.

They've made death an enemy rather than a natural part of life. And they have intruded themselves into one of the most difficult decisions we have as humans and they've judged our decisions to let our loved ones die as evil. Because of modern technology, people's bodies and people's suffering can be maintained for months, and, indeed, years, longer than it would have been possible through most of human history. This has raised the "quality of life" question in contrast to the "life at any cost" philosophy and most people just don't believe that "life at any cost" is what it means to be human. Sometimes one's death is more humane and more ethical than extending a life when there is no hope to be human.

Most Americans know that a life that simulates consciousness while missing the human soul does not define "a culture of life". Rather it glorifies a "culture of the material" and it defames what it means to be human.

Your turn to rant.

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