Friday :: Mar 25, 2005

Oh No! Our Site Has Been Noticed By CNN

by Steve

Egads, prepare for the locusts! We made the big time on CNN yesterday, in their review of the blogs covering the Terri Schiavo story:

CROWLEY: Time now to check what's being said in the blogosphere. Standing by for us, as always, Political Producer Abbi Tatton and blog reporter Jacki Schechner. Jacki, what are people saying?
JACKI SCHECHNER, CNN BLOG REPORTER: Hi, Candy. We're going to start out today over at Even at this last hour, they're refusing to give up the fight to try to keep Terri Schiavo alive. They have -- updating throughout the day, as usual. And their call to action, their latest one right now is "The Schiavo Action Alert," as it's titled. They're calling for Governor Jeb Bush to, in fact, take her into custody. They say that "he does not need to justify himself to the court nor file any more petitions. Simply needs to give the orders to take her into protective custody without delay. It's upon the court to explain how its orders do not violate her rights, not the other way around."
So they are still rallying for Terri Schiavo even at this late hour.
ABBI TATTON, CNN POLITICAL PRODUCER: And the role of Governor Jeb Bush is picked up by Jerome Armstrong at a, a liberal blog. He is saying that with Jeb Bush now personally involved, "I guess we should believe him when he says he's not running for president, because this is his big moment to forever sink the Bush battleship.
SCHECHNER: Mydd also has a link to the CBS News poll that came out that said 82 percent of the American public doesn't think that Congress and President Bush should be involved in the situation.
Over at, sort of an interesting comment. He say, "Eighty-two percent. Wow, when was the last time 82 percent of Americans agreed on anything, and especially on a so-called moral issue? The intensity factor, which the GOP, which was figuring was on their side, it's on both sides."
TATTON: Now over here at, they're looking ahead to what political impact this might have on the GOP and on President Bush -- this is another liberal site here -- because of this Supreme Court ruling. "Wonders what great political calculus went on in the heads of Karl Rove and George W. Bush to get involved in this case in the first place."

Well, that was fun. I can crawl back under my rock now....if I can just get navigate my way through the repugnant drivel that the GOP has cookie-tossed over America in the last several days.

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