Friday :: Mar 25, 2005

Freeper Coronary Alert: The Clintons Would Beat The Bush Boys

by Steve

Well, to cap off a bad week for the Bush Family Crime Syndicate, take a look at some poll results from Democracy Corps as to a matchup between the Clintons and the Bush boys.

2008: Hillary Vs. Jebbie

Hillary: 50%
Jebba the Nut: 47%

2008: After repeal of presidential two-term limit:

Big Dog: 51%
Empty Flightsuit: 46%

First, Gallup shows W falling down and soiling himself over the Schiavo case and rising gas prices. Now another poll shows Satan himself beating the chosen one by 5%. Please, please, for the sake of humanity and your fellow man, talk those Stepford cult members off the ledge and convince them to come back inside and talk to the nice men with the straightjackets.

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