Saturday :: Mar 26, 2005

Slight Of Hand, Slight Of Mind

by pessimist

I've had the misfortune recently to have to opportunity to check out more of the media than I usually do. It struck me, as I was watching the cable versions of network news how much attention was being paid to Terri Schiavo and how little was being paid to other issues which could prove to be major stories in the news.

Meanwhile, Back In The Real World, ...

For example - how much time was devoted to North Korea's claim that they have more nuclear bombs, and that they are ready to go to war with the US? What about the fact that SOUTH Korea wants to be treated more as an equal than as a vassal state that needs defending from their cousins across the 39th parallel? Does it make you rest easy knowing that Bu$hCo either IS or IS NOT pressing North Korea for restarting talks? What about knowing that Condi is confusing our Asian diplomatic contacts with her verbal jibberish?

No, don't bother getting up. More of the Schiavo Controversy after a word from our sponsor.

Terri Can You Hear Me? How Can She Be Saved?

Sure, the Schiavo case is tragic and one worthy of some coverage, but with the major events that have been happening this week - important enough that even CNN has been taking a little time to notice them in between waves of Save Terri coverage - one has to marvel at the fact that after all that has been said and done about the GOP slant and manipulation of the nation's news sources people still get locked in tightly to the Scandal of the Day Brought to You by The Republican Media Matrix.

Do You Hear And Fear, Or Do I Smash The Mirror?

Want to test my hypothesis? Ask anyone about the revolution in Kyrgyzstan which toppled the existing government. Ask about the fact that Russian diplomacy is so bad that even Bu$hCo looks good to the former Soviet Republics. Ask about the easing of restrictions on Pakistan owning F-16 fighters (to India's deep 'regret') even though it is known that Pakistan assisted at least one nation (North Korea) with developing their nuclear program.

It's OK for Musharref but not for Kim Jong Il? Whose atomic arsenal is more likely to be a problem to the world should he fall victim to a coup?

You Never Heard It! Not A Word Of It!

These events are going to cause serious discomfort in Beijing and Delhi, and what the US does will affect relations with the two countries who can quickly put far more boots on this ground than we can. China, at least, is already prepared to go to war with us over Taiwan, so what's to stop them from 'saving' Kyrgystan from 'imperialist agression' in the face of Bu$hCo hostility toward China?

Time for yet another close-up of Mrs. Schindler pleading for her daughter's life - no matter that she has no legal say in the issue.

Deaf, Dumb, And Blind World, Deep In Its Own Vibration Land

Do you care that the military has decided not to prosecute 17 out of 24 GIs involved in 27 deaths of detainees in Iraq? You can bet that those leading the insurgency do! Who cares if more Reservists and National Guardsmen pay with their lives - they're trying to kill Terri!

What of that much-vaunted economic boom Hiz Hindniss promised us? Do you care that today's LA Times had about one full page of job ads? Total? In the nation's second-largest city in the world's sixth-largest economy?

Wait! - another wrong-wing religious type is coming on to explain to us about the Republican God's selective will over who gets to live (Terri Schiavo) and who gets to die (non-Christians).

But It Really Wouldn't Interest - ANYBODY - Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends

Don't get me wrong, I think that Terri Schiavo's case is a tragedy - for her and her family. If there weren't so many other pressing issues facing this nation right now I'd be all over the topic myself.

But there are times when the greater good has to be taken into account, and getting the nation involved in yet another war - I've pointed out only four of the possibilities above - has to take precedence over the plight of one brain-dead woman and her squabbling family who isn't caring about what might be best for her. Their fight isn't going to get me incinerated in the middle of the night.

These other four incidents - that aren't getting even equal coverage time - could. Therefore, I would really appreciate your consideration in returning the news - such as it is - back into an information source and leave the emotional exploitation to the likes of Maury Povich and Jerry Springer. The media won't begin to cover the real news as long as you are more concerned with emotional manipulation than you are in receiving critical information.

You can go back to caring more about who is going to win American Idol than even Terri Schiavo now.

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