Monday :: Mar 28, 2005

All things Schiavo

by eriposte

Let me take a brief break from media bias blogging and recommend an excellent blog:

The Nashua Advocate

I became aware of the blog during GannonGuckertgate because of the well researched analysis on what happened between Gannon and the GOPers in South Dakota. Since then I've made the website a daily read.

The latest post is a very useful compilation of all the major stories of Republican or Far Right criminality, extremism and hypocrisy in the context of the Terri Schiavo case. This quote is particularly reflective of the conservative media environment we live in today:

So, just how scary, criminal, slanderous, libelous, hypocriticial, violence-inciting, threatening, and downright demonically un-Christian does the radical Republican Right have to be before their public conduct becomes a scandal worthy of "-gate" status?

This is the post.

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