Thursday :: Mar 31, 2005

Unshakeable Message Discipline Courtesy of James Dobson

by rayman

Man, these far right nutcases don't skip a beat. A few days ago, we learned that Richard Viguerie and co. were using the Schiavo saga to feed their direct-mail empires. Not to be outdone, Ayatollah Dobson has decided that Terri's death offers the perfect opportunity to set the stage for the next wingnut crusade: judicial confirmations. So sayeth the Colorado Cleric:

But the aspect of it that concerns us the most is that all the great moral decisions in this country, whether it's the sanctity of life or the definition of marriage, or what we can do with the Ten Commandments, all of them are made by the courts. Our founding fathers intended that this would be a government of the people, by the people, for the people. But now the final arbiter of every significant moral issue comes down to unelected, unaccountable judges to the judiciary.


I was told when I was in the fourth grade that there was something called checks and balances. And we all know that the executive branch is checked by the legislative. And the legislative branch is checked by the executive branch.

But neither of them check the courts. They're totally out of control. And there is, you know, almost a feeling of futility when it comes to the courts handing down decisions that contradict the will of the people.

You know, we saw it two weeks ago with regard to executing minors. Seventy percent of the people disagree with that. It doesn't matter what the people think and the -- neither the executive nor the legislature will step in.

What's so comical is that Dobson and crew are irate that the Florida state courts as well as the federal courts did not take an activist stance in this case. But this month-long debacle has backfired on them so explosively that it may in fact hurt their public standing in the upcoming "nuclear war" in the Senate.

Via Atrios.

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