Friday :: Apr 1, 2005

Jeff Gannon, Invited To Speak At National Press Club, Nailed For Plagiarism

by Steve

Our hapless right wing tool Jeff Gannon/J. D. Guckert has been nailed for plagiarism, a week before he has been invited to speak at the National Press Club as a panelist.

That's the state of our media these days: a male prostitute, who falsely claimed he was a Marine and a journalist, gets access to the White House during a time of war and restricted access for everyone. He makes up stories, is exposed as a propagandist, plays the victim card, gets invited to the National Press Club to speak as if he was a legitimate member of the media and a journalist to talk about his experiences, and then gets nailed for plagiarism.

So after this, the National Press Club can never be taken seriously again either. Nice work by the right wing smear machine on this. It's like spreading poison, and incredibly the right wing destruction machine continues to find willing accomplices in the mainstream media for self-destruction.

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