Friday :: Apr 1, 2005

House And Senate GOP Budget Plans Spell Trouble In Midterms And 2008

by Steve

How well do you think it will play out in the heartland, yes the red state heartland, when Average Americans, who until recently were the legions of Bush Stepford-like cultists, figure out that the the Senate GOP budget (that includes you Bill Frist, Sam Brownback, Chuck Hagel, John McCain, and Ricky Santorum – 2008 candidates all) does all the following:

· Cuts spending on veterans and education;
· Worsens the deficit rather than reducing it;
· Advances the Medicare solvency problem to 2016;
· Gives more tax cuts to the top three percent of taxpayers.

And how well do you think it will play out in this same heartland when the former cultists find out that the House GOP version of the budget not only makes significant cuts in domestic spending and farm programs, but also raises taxes on the poor and cuts taxes on the top 3 percent?

I’d say that these budgets, wealthy American tax cuts, Social Security privatization, $3 gasoline, and the Tom DeLay/Terri Schiavo sideshow should make life pretty bleak for the GOP next year, no matter how good Fox News can spin it.

Democrats can take these budgets and tour the red states denouncing the moral values demonstrated by the GOP with these budgets and tax policies. Rather than shy away from the red states, Democrats should be seeking out speaking opportunities in red states between now and the fall to bash the GOP for these moral values, and to flat-out shame them.

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