Monday :: Apr 4, 2005

Some interesting service providers

by eriposte

One of the things I'd like to do from time to time is make people aware of interesting websites that are trying to provide either a unique service or to bring Progressive traditions into existing services or both.

Here I list four service providers I've come across in recent times. Let me add that I'm not associated with any of them + I don't use any of them + I've never used any of them + I am not endorsing any of them either - this is just to provide links for people to go check them out. (If there are others you would like TLC readers to become aware of, feel free to add them in the comments.)

    • From their website: "® is a Web site where global Businesses and Individuals are able to list excess inventory, possessions or goods, providing access to potential users. Charities, Businesses or Individuals registered with® are able to search the site for things that they can use, and make requests for items of interest. Items listed on Throwplace are not for sale—they are to be given away."
  • Better World Club
    • They seem to be an interesting alternative to AAA. From their website: "We are the nation's only environmentally friendly auto club...We donate 1% of annual revenues toward environmental cleanup and advocacy."
  • Working Assets
    • Progressively oriented business (in the area of telecom and credit cards) that donates part of their profits to Progressive causes
  • Watching America
    • A website that provides English-translated news articles discussing the U.S., from newspapers around the world. (Nothing particularly Progressive about this site - it's just interesting)
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