Wednesday :: Apr 6, 2005

DeLay Incorporated

by Steve

If I remember correctly, Newt Gingrich went after Jim Wright over the latter's attempts to enrich himself through sales of his book. Newt went after Danny Rostenkowski for trying to make an extra buck or two from House franking privileges. Neither of those efforts ended up as I recall garnering either Democrat a half-million dollars for his family, or all-expense paid trips to Russia, England, and other overseas junkets bankrolled by foreign agents, Bahamian offshore shell companies, and indicted lobbyists who funneled Indian gaming money illegally into DeLay's coffers.

But it is just business as usual for Tom DeLay, who wants you to believe that a left-wing conspiracy is going after him to get at the Christian movement in this country. Playing the victim card is nothing new for right wingers or evangelicals when they are called to account for their hypocrises, lies, and moral bankruptcy. But it is over the top to see a guy who like the rest of the anti-government wing of the GOP whines about political careerists and folks who feed at the trough of government and politics be exposed as a textbook case of enriching himself and his family from doing the same thing.

But then, it's hypocrisy we're talking about here, and hypocrisy is in the DNA of the modern Republican party.

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