Wednesday :: Apr 6, 2005

Don't Just Focus On DeLay, Think About Those He Helped

by Duckman GR

Tom DeLay seems to be in a bit of a spot, and it couldn't happen to a more miserable denizen of the primordial ooze, but we can't let it stop there. As Steve and many others say, keep the toxic Texan around, it's like hanging a dead skunk around an enemy, you'll smell them miles away, and never be surprised.

But, if he has to go, and shackled in chains like they did to Susan McDougal would be my favored method, let's not neglect his legacy.

Let's hang it around all those that his slime is smeared on, those that reek of his stench. I did a search of the FEC here and got to this page and then ground out a couple of months from last year, September and August. Here's a partial list of folks that ARMPAC donated too, all current members of the 109th Congress. And just remember, this is a partial drop in the bucket. ARMPAC financed, just in those two months, 5k here and 10k there on losers too. Imagine what $10k could do for the family of a Marine killed in Iraq, for instance. But to DeLay and the fanatic Republicans running Congress, it's nothing.

Rodney Alexander, LA 5th $5,000
Thelma Drake, VA 2nd $5,000
Michael G Fitzpatrick, PA 8th $5,000
Virginia Foxx, NC 5th $10,000
Katherine Harris, FL 13th $5,000
Robert Jindal, LA 1st $5,000
Connie H Mack, FL 14th $10,000
Patrick T McHenry, NC 10th $10,000
Tom Price, GA 6th $10,000
David Reichert, WA 8th $5,000
Lynn A Westmoreland, GA 8th $15,000

Rummage around these reports, its a good and interesting read, and feel free to contact the above and express your appreciation of their good and ethical work, thanks to tom delay's generosity.

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