Thursday :: Apr 7, 2005

GI Bracelet

by Mary

When George W Bush lied to take the country into war, his followers spent much energy in accusing people who opposed the war of being traitors and not supporting the troops. Yet, it was Bush who decided his "splendid little war" didn't need anyone on the home front making any material sacrifices except those who actually went to war along with their families. Remember, Bush is the only president to cut taxes when waging war. This has led to soldiers without adequate supplies, the cutback of veteran benefits, cutting funds used for educating soldiers' kids and way too few troops serving much longer than what they expected.

People who have been sacrificing for George Bush's war are those who have put their lives on hold as they head to a war zone leaving their families to hold things together at home. Unfortunately, when a soldier dies or is badly wounded, his or her family often fall into financial hardship (which the bankruptcy bill exacerbates). Even though the Republicans have other priorities (paying off their rich contributors), there is a way we can help. James Lee, a San Diego businessman has setup a website designed to help raise funds to address the need. On this site, one can purchase a GI Bracelet for $1 to $5 and the entire purchase price is donated to a number of organizations dedicated to serving military families who need help.

For more information, read this piece in the DefenseLINK. And then go visit

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